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Support Safe Climate Australia

Safe Climate Australia is steered by a foundation group of concerned scientists, community and business leaders with a shared understanding of the scientific and moral imperatives for emergency action to restore a safe climate.

Safe Climate Australia will build a Safe Climate Transition Plan which will encompass an all-sector approach to addressing climate change – the plan includes stationary energy, energy efficiency, housing and commercial buildings, transport, industrial and extraction processes, land use and agriculture. The plan will be developed with the intention of protecting and enhancing the key economic, social and environmental parameters of Australian society, including the maintenance of a high standard of living, security of energy and food supply, access to mobility and comfort and well-being for all.

By supporting the work of Safe Climate Australia you will help us in our quest to identify and bring to action the transformations and solutions needed to achieve a safe climate for Australia, and for the planet, at emergency speed.  You can support Safe Climate Australia in the following ways:

  • Make a donation as an individual or organisation/company.
  • Become a volunteer by emailing an outline of your capacities, skills and interests.
  • Become a corporate partner. A range of partnership options is available with many benefits for your company including a credible high level of brand awareness and the opportunity to be a leader in your industry on  managing the risks of climate change as well as taking advantage of the opportunities and solutions. Email or call us to find out more.
  • Leave a bequest to Safe Climate Australia in your will to ensure future generations can enjoy a safe and healthy environment