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Safe Climate Australia is an independent, apolitical non-profit organisation.

Safe Climate Australia will mobilise the expertise and energy of Australia’s scientific research, business, public policy and community sectors to develop a practical and costed plan outlining how Australia can transition to a zero net carbon economy.

Prospectus: Achieving our goals depends on successfully raising the budget outlined in the prospectus and attracting collaborative contributions. The prospectus outlines the transition plan, work program and budget for Safe Climate Australia. Download the prospectus here.

Partnerships and financial contributions: Safe Climate Australia welcomes financial contributions, large and small. A range of corporate partnership opportunities is available and a package of benefits (staff education, team building tree planting days, etc) can be tailored to the needs of your corporation and in recognition of your support. Please complete form below so we can contact you to discuss the opportunities in more detail.

Share your expertise: Safe Climate Australia welcomes assistance from organisations with expertise and capability across a range of fields. Developing a successful transition plan for Australia to move a zero net carbon economy requires discussion with and input from a vast array of people across many industries and disciplines. Safe Climate Australia seeks collaborative contributions from individuals and organisations with a range of expertise and skills including climate science, strategic planning, technological innovation, economic, social and environmental policy, project management, community engagement, fund raising and communications. Please complete form below for more details and to contact Safe Climate Australia to discuss how you can be involved in the research group and contribute to the Safe Climate Australia work program.

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